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Firework Displays for Weddings and Events

No wedding or event can be complete without the thrill of a spectacular professional fired firework display. Our fully trained operators are extremely experienced in coordinating and firing firework shows. We specialise in aerial displays; with a combination of mines, candles shells, and rockets that will leave even the most discerning audience stunned by the barrage bombs, bursts and effects.

Fireworks Video

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We can also design special firework messages and logos to commemorate your unique occasion. Category four fireworks are the largest professional fireworks available. They can only be fired by licensed operators and are therefore rarely seen at private events.






From the initial phone call to the firing and tidying away of the Firework display, we take care of it all. We provide a site inspection and detailed risk assessment report for every firework event, ensuring that our excellent safety record and strict safety policies are maintained. With your input we then design your display to suit your event, budget and venue. Firework Displays are generally programmed to run for ten minutes. Longer shows can be arranged at your request, and will be designed to suit your personal requirements and budget. Our Firework displays can also be combined with music, lighting effects and lasers.

We also provide event security, tannoy systems, outdoor lighting, control barriers and on-site paramedic services if required.



The most popular CAT 4 fireworks are…..

Roman Candles

A traditional firework. Each candle produces streams of coloured stars, mini shells and effects continually for up to a minute, reaching thirty feet in height.


Fired from a mortar tube, a lifting charge propels the shell several hundred feet into the air, exploding to create a massive coloured starburst effect – a must for any firework display


Mines project colours, effects and explosions from the ground upwards.


Rockets come in a variety of types and weights from two to six ounces.

Ground Repeaters

Small mortars packed together into a “cake”. These fire mini shells in rapid succession, producing an assortment of colours, stars, bomb bursts, bangs and whistles.


Hundreds of minijets arranged and fused to create words and logos. The design will burn for about one minute.

Our Firework Safety Procedures

New clients are visited and potential sites checked by at least one of our experienced staff. We insist that a minimum of 30 metres clearance from spectators, marquees etc. and a further 30 metres for fallout is available before we will even consider going ahead with the display-however small. We actually recommend that a distance of 50 metres is provided.

If the above conditions are met then we check the site for hazards e.g. combustible materials, (dry grass, trees, old buildings, thatch, barns etc.) which may be close to the firing site, but outside the safety zone.

The site is then checked for hazards to our staff e.g. long grass or scrub, potholes, rocks, slippery uneven ground, molehills, or anything else that could prevent rapid movement in an emergency.

The site is set with two water fire extinguishers. (If the client can provide a hose all the better), and a first aid kit with burns treatments.

The client is advised to inform the Police, Fire Brigade, neighbours, and any local livestock owners of the display, but we cannot insist on this. If we arrive on the night to find that this has not been done we ask that the Police and Fire Brigade be notified before display starts.

Every effort will be made to leave the site as we found it, but it is the responsibility of the client to check the site in daylight, and inform us immediately of anything untoward you may find.

Availability of outdoor lighting is considered, and if not adequate we will provide our own generator and outdoor lighting for our display area only. At larger public displays the client will be asked to provide uniformed marshals.

Safety Involving The Display

All fireworks lying on the site prior to set up are pointed towards the safety zone. Fireworks are set up angled away from the crowd and towards the fallout zone. Safety covers are not removed until the firework is to be fired. Fusing is always carried out with safety in mind. If fusing is done before the display then the fireworks are kept in a secure environment e.g. our magazine to prevent any tampering. All fuses allow enough time for the operator to get clear of the firework.

At no time is the firing site left unattended. Port fires are used in preference to electric detonation. Shells are fused together in groups of no more than 8x2”, 6x3”, 3x4”. Shells above 4” are fired singly. Rockets are fired from racks of 10 individually. Flight rockets are fired from a cone in groups of 10. Ground repeaters are always staked for additional support. All fireworks, racks etc. are always staked crowd side so the firework could not fall towards the spectators.

  • No reloading is permitted during the display. Flight rockets awaiting loading into the firing cone are kept up wind of the display under tarpaulin and pointing away from the crowd.
  • At larger displays (more than 3 staff) a “watcher” is employed specifically to ensure that all aerial fireworks explode and that no live material falls down near our staff. The watcher also warns of low bursts. On smaller displays the 3 staff all watch each other as fireworks are being fired more slowly.
  • Punters are not allowed on site during set up, and no clients or their minions are allowed near by if smoking. Genuinely interested persons are invited back and entertained after the display.
  • No equipment is touched for 10/15 minutes after the display in case any unexploded material is detonated by smouldering debris.
  • Please be aware that the ultimate responsibility and decision to fire rests with the senior pyrotechnician. If he is unhappy with any aspect of safety, or the weather conditions he can and will refuse to fire the show

  • Safety Involving Staff & Equipment

    All our staff are trained to our own high standards. Currently six in total, they are all over sixteen. No one under the age of eighteen is allowed to fire shells above 2”. Staff are specially chosen for their enthusiasm and genuine interest in pyrotechnics – bored staff can become careless.

    We are fully insured with £10 million employer’s liability and £5 million public liability.

    Our staff will wear protective clothing comprising of fire retardant suits, goggles, hard hats, leather gloves and non-slip footwear. On larger displays (more than 3 staff) walkie-talkies are also used. Firing staff are told to stop firing immediately if they are unsure about safety e.g. somebody unauthorised coming close to the firing site.

    Our equipment is maintained to the highest standard. After each display every piece of equipment is checked for damage, cleaned of debris, mud etc and prepared for the next display. Repairs or replacements are carried out as soon as possible. Any equipment found to have been damaged beyond repair is destroyed to prevent accidental use.